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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

One on One Coaching

As a leader who has travelled the globe to work for some of the world’s largest companies on their most valuable brands and businesses, I bring a unique perspective to leadership that comes from experience. I believe the future of business is calling for a more inspiring and authentic style of leadership and that performance has never been more critical.

In a volatile world talent is our biggest asset and so the one on one coaching I offer is a journey for high potential individuals who are looking to go from success to significance whether that be in a “springboard development” moment or having hit a “speedbump”.

In Order to Achieve...

Genuine Leadership
Accelerated Change &
Exceptional Results

You need to connect, create and cultivate a leader’s journey in order to be your best self

What I Offer...

One on One Organisational
Leadership Coaching

1. Connecting To Our Story

• Who am I? – Leadership with Vision & Purpose
• Imposter Syndrome
• What do I bring to the party?

2. Creating Meaningful Connections

• Step Up in to a more complex and challenging role
• Step In – Returning to work
• Creating Impact & Stakeholder Management
• Listening, Influencing & Conflict Management

3. Cultivating the Business Athlete

• Resilience – Physically prepared, mentally engaged & emotionally connected

The Process...

Accelerating Change
with Outcomes

1. Chemistry Session

Getting to know you & agreeing high level goals

2. Uncovering your reality

Optional diagnostics, stakeholder interviews, further insight

3. One to One Deep Dive

Coaching developing sessions face to face or virtually plus unlimited phone/email support where required

4. Significance Review

Clear action plan/outcomes

And There Are Clear Benefits...

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